Logo and Brand Acknowledgments

Print Acknowledgement

In return for funding support, we ask that all grant recipients acknowledge and include the SJLF logo in their recognition/marketing materials. Funding accreditation is requirement for all grant recipients.

The SJLF logo must appear on all materials produced to market activities and events directly funded by SJLF or for organizations that receive grant funding.
These may include:

  • event/concert programs
  • event signage
  • print advertising
  • promotional brochures
  • invitations
  • all forms of printed materials used for promotions and communications

Oral acknowledgement

When programs or other printed materials are not produced, oral recognition is to be given to the SJLF during sponsor acknowledgements prior to the commencement of each event or performance.

Verbiage examples:

  • We acknowledge the support of the St. John’s Legacy Foundation.
  • This event (project) has been funded (partially funded) by the St. John’s Legacy Foundation.

Websites Links

On websites, the St. John’s Legacy Foundation should be credited on the list of sponsors and supporters or on pages describing the projects/events/activities funded by the St. John’s Legacy Foundation.

Please including a link to sjlegacyfoundation.com on the funding recipient’s website. We are happy to promote your website/event/project on our website in return.

Download our SJLF Logo

Please use these zip files depending on your requirements (Print or Web):